Social Media Strategy

The Short and Skinny.

Based on recent research carried out by Bellerophon Media, this report was conducted on behalf of Front Steps (formerly Capitol Area Homeless Alliance) and ARCH( the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless.) These organizations rely on the donations of patrons to their cause in order to provide services for the homeless. Because of the reliance on donations for their day-to-day operations, these organizations have a deep-seated interest in community opinion. Upon finishing the study, we found that due to the limited budgets in place for the clients in question combined with the lack of donations coming in from the younger, 18-25 population.

The low advertisement budget of our client makes the use of social media techniques a good fit for the particular situation, also keeping in mind that the more youthful donor is likely to visit such sites and programs if offered up within their spectrum of virtual attention.

Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, and a custom-designed app were chosen as effective means to help our clients out with exposure to a younger set of donors, which could lead to more money to invest in larger, more expensive digital and traditional campaigns.

Integration is key, as tying it all together is really what sets a good campaign apart from a poorly-constructed one.

My fake company, Bellerophon Media “won” this contract after doing such a good job researching for them…


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