How to maim people Hussar-style: The Sabre


Continuing this series of the fantastic things that Hussars had to kill people, we move now to the sabre.  The cavalry sabre, as used by the early Hussars, was a single-edged sword with a crescent-shaped blade, curving back towards the user, it’s origins being middle-eastern. The tip was quite sharp, but was not the primary useful surface of the weapon. Rather, the blade itself was used from horseback to slash the fronts and backs of the necks of infantry passing below the Hussar. The curved blade made this slicing action easy to perform as the force of the blade was concentrated on a smaller section of the sword at once, effectively multiplying the power of the strike.

The horseman’s hand was relatively unprotected, the distinctive curled quillions merely stopping a pole or sword from riding down onto the rider’s hand, leaving the fingers and back of the hand exposed. Later derivatives of this weapon became the standard cavalry weapon for close-quarters combat all the way up to modern day.


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