A Long Tail?

So, after reading through the initially boring “Long Tail” article from Wired online (http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/12.10/tail.html?pg=1&topic=tail&topic_set=) I found it to be somewhat of an interesting read. The author does kind of go off on little hippie-rants about fighting the industry and what not, but the viewpoint is something to be talked about. The idea here is that to be successful in the new digital economy, one has to provide diversity of content, both popular and not in order to be truly successful. This is backed up and supported by several cases of failed companies that did not do things right, and, on the other end, highly successful businesses like Amazon and Netflix, both of which are outstandingly effective at what they do.

This kind of applies to PR in that one has to know their audience in order to present the correct kind of content to one’s customers. If you try to sell just snow to eskimos, you will fail, but if you sell snow and whale blubber, you will get a sale, possibly with crossover.

Interesting read.


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